Monday, June 28, 2010

List Update

Only three more day until I have completed summer school and I'm really looking forward to a few weeks off before school starts again. I can't believe how fast summer has already gone. It is half over. Ugh! No tan yet, and although I haven't quite made peace with nature (I'm one bee sting and 3 ticks down for this summer) I have been out quite a bit and I'm really enjoying my time there. Jonatha and I even spoke briefly about camping, but who knows if that will come to fruition.

The last week writing has been much more productive. I feel pretty good about the first couple chapters, but still need to work on writing more dialogue. Ugh!

I've started a new thing this week. No spending week. It was an idea I had a few days ago because I wondered how long I could go without spending any money, so I am going to try and not spend any money this week. The Fit is full, so should be good there and I have plenty of groceries. Although I did forget to buy a pack of cigarettes before no spending week started. I know I have to start thinking about quitting again, but I'm not thinking that it will happen this week.'s on my radar.

Otherwise the boys are really enjoying there almost daily walks on the Wabash and so am I. It's weird having so much spare time on my hands. I have an appointment with my advisor tomorrow to decide on classes, so hopefully that goes well. I'm thinking about taking two classes next semester. It's a lot of work, but I want get my classes done in the next couple years.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So about that goal...once a week...

Who really thought I would update my blog weekly anyway? HAHA

The boys and I have settled into our new home and they are really enjoying their long walks on the 18 acres that our apartment sits on. At first Gimli would stay close to my side and Chance would wander an appropriate distance so that I couldn't beat him when he rolled in skunk smells, but now the boys run, run, run around and have so much fun! It's great to see them getting back into shape and having so much fun.

I am in the home-stretch of my first year of teaching at Omaha North. I'm happy that it is almost done. It has been a challenging year and I'm really looking forward to a good summer. Just a few short hours of summer school everyday in June then I'm off for July. I'm planning on a trip or two and may be doing some training in California.

My Creative Writing class is done, so it's time for me to get to work on my novel and children's book. PS...I got an A! Yipee!!

Lost is almost over, so this is also a big deal in my life. I'm curious to see what the final two hours might hold for Losties, but yesterdays episode was a big disappointment. Nothing new again! If the writers thought revealing the island was integral to Earth's survival was something we haven't heard before then they haven't been watching the show. Jack being the keeper of the surprise here. I am still a little curious how the LA sideways flashes will tie in, but I think that the end of the show may be stupid.